The unincorporated association Czech Selection - Design & Export was founded at the end of the year 2010 and shields Czech companies focused on manufacture, quality Czech design and exports. These companies are mainly focused on glass, furniture, jewellery or watches.

The association was generated from the circle of companies that regularly participate in international exhibitions and fairs held in prestigious locations, such as London, Paris, New York, Milan and Shanghai. They are only companies whose production represents perfectly the Czech design and is unique in its own way. The only criteria were the quality, professionalism and above standard approach.
Members of the association CZECH SELECTION - DESIGN & EXPORT are not only the companies that have many years' tradition (up to 150 years), but also companies with a later date of establishment.

Interests and goals of the association - to present the Czech design production at trade fairs and exhibitions all over the world, to participate in fairs and exhibitions focused on design in the form of a joint Czech exhibition supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, and to gain business contacts. Promotion and popularization activities in the field of Czech design, following the joint participation in professional events and the subsequent information activities arising from such participation. Educational events - lectures, seminars, short courses.